pale blue pop up preview

The Pale Blue DoorA preview-review piece I wrote today for the Londonist website

The Pale Blue Door will swing open again later this month for five more days of camp supper club food and frolics in Dalston.  Artist Tony Hornecker has been hosting a pop up restaurant-cum- installation at his house this summer and it’s been such a success that he’s declared he’ll be back by popular demand from the 30th September to 4th October.

The Londonist stepped through the Pale Blue Door on bank holiday Sunday and loved every minute of it.  We loved the glowing candlelight, the heavy velvet drapes, the chintzy crockery and squeezing onto our tiny table.  We loved being served a welcome G&T by a gorgeous drag queen in an incredibly short dress.  The food isn’t gourmet but it’s tasty and filling.  Expect a three course meal with wine, including a roast and yummy homemade crumble, for your £30 fee.

But this isn’t really about the food, it’s about everything else.  It’s about clambering up steep stairs and disappearing through trapdoors, it’s about high ceilings and ceilings so low you have to crawl. It’s about chickens living on the roof.  It’s about a bathroom dressed in red velvet that’s still home to the inhabitant’s toothbrushes.  It’s about the voyeurism of exploring someone else’s home, in this case an artist’s small live/work space, which has been turned into a wonderland that makes you feel like you’re in an oversized doll’s house.

You share your evening with whoever else has emailed Tony and asked to visit that night, in our case an eclectic bunch of Londoners who’d resisted the August bank holiday exodus and were looking to be fed and entertained on a lazy Sunday night.  There were retired folk and pregnant women, as well as couples, friends and people who’d braved it alone.

It’s really up to the individual how much you immerse yourself in the experience.  We ate, we drank and we were rewarded with glorious Tina Turner renditions from our hostess.  By the time coffee was finished, we were up and dancing with our dining neighbours.  The next morning there was glitter everywhere, in places you’d never imagine, and the gin and red wine combined to produce seriously fuzzy heads.  But it was worth it, we had a mad and wonderful night.

The Pale Blue Door returns from 30th September until 4th October

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written for The Londonist website:


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