BBC | The Unnatural History of London

It’s taken a while to reach our screens but a BBC Natural World documentary about London has just aired on BBC 2.  I worked as a researcher and assistant on the film, which paints a warm-hearted portrait of the world’s greenest capital city and the Londoners who love its secret wildlife.

Watch the doc to witness the seals, parakeets and peregrines that have all made London their home. That’s as well as badgers, foxes, scorpions and even pigeons that ride the tube. But most wonderful are the people who love the exotic wildlife of our capital, from Billingsgate fish porters and Indian chefs to ‘Crayfish Bob’, who scours London’s canals for Turkish invaders.

The Unnatural History of London is available to watch on BBC iPlayer for the next seven days.  And take a look at the BBC Natural World website for more info about the documentary strand and extra features.



  1. liminal city

    Great stuff and good work! It was a fascinating show, i’ve been introduced to the world of urban and edge-land wildlife and foliage by my foraging gf (check out her blog so this show was a splendid insight into London’s vibrant marginal wildlife. I find it refreshing that life can still thrive in the most extreme of locations and hinterlands and that cities can be measured and explored in other terms than money and fiscal growth.

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