My Garden, the City and Me

imageMy Garden, the City and Me, Rooftop Adventures in the Wilds of London was published by Timber Press in 2011.

It’s about the glory of growing things and urban nature. The book was nominated for two garden writing awards and translated for sale in China.

‘This charming book is a love letter to the capital’s hidden green spaces and their wildlife’ – The Daily Mail

‘It’s an inspirational and beautiful hardback peppered with inky illustrations and written with a serious sense of wide-eyed wonder at nature’s resilience in the relentlessly urban capital’ – Londonist

‘Helen Babbs loves nature and the seething metropolis in equal measure…She celebrates the richness their counterpoint produces. Her lyrical entries…are a love song to the city’ – Gardens Illustrated

‘She delights in her little patch of wild amidst the mayhem of London – and this is the book’s greatest appeal’ – BBC Wildlife Magazine

‘This little book is a hymn to the pleasures of city gardening, and of making your space, however unpromising, your own’ – The Bookseller / We Love This Book

‘A beautifully written and atmospheric book about gardening in an imperfect world among London’s chimneys, birdsong and sirens’ – Lia Leendertz (Guardian)

‘This diary of a wide-eyed, pyjama-clad, modern, midnight gardener inspires us to see the most ordinary of landscapes through magical spectacles’ – Richard Reynolds (Guerilla Gardening)

‘This book allows anyone feeling disengaged from their natural heritage to pick a pathway back in, and not be afraid to do so’ – Allen Shepherd (Kitchen Gardeners International)

Shortlisted in the ‘Inspirational Book of the Year’ category at the Garden Media Guild Awards 2011; shortlisted in ‘Best Non-Practical Gardening Book of the Year’ at the Horticultural Channel Awards 2011.