January 2017
Adrift, A Secret Life of London’s Waterways
is reviewed by Towpath Talk magazine, who say: ‘What makes this an intensely readable book is Babbs’ disarming honesty, weighing the highs and lows of a life afloat. The simplicity of the everyday is made magnificent under the microscope of her warm and open prose.’

December 2016
Adrift, A Secret Life of London’s Waterways is reviewed in the Times Literary Supplement, who say: ‘Adrift is an engaging introduction to living on a narrow boat, held together with atmospheric descriptions of reconnecting with life’s simple pleasures… Adrift is at its best when capturing the transition from life on land to life on board, as well as mapping the evolving relationship between urban building developments and the canal’s ecology.’

November 2016
The paperback of Adrift, A Secret Life of London’s Waterways is published this month.

July 2016
Hackney Citizen review Adrift. Their verdict is that it is ‘poetic, informative and thoroughly researched’.

June 2016
Red magazine picks Adrift as one of the ‘best books set in London‘.

May 2016
I will be talking about and reading from Adrift at a couple of events this May. Do come along if you can! I’ll be at The Fable in Holborn on Saturday 21 May for their monthly Books for Brunch literary event, and at the Crick Boat Show on Sunday 29 May. Adrift is reviewed by Caught by the River, who praise ‘chapter after chapter of utterly captivating prose’.

April 2016
Adrift is reviewed in Waterways World magazine, who say: ‘It’s not just the quality of the writing that singles this out as one of the best waterways books for decades, but its timeliness too.’

March 2016
My new book Adrift, A Secret Life of London’s Waterways was published by Icon Books on Thursday 3 March, celebrated with a launch at the wonderful Broadway Bookshop. It was a lovely little event that made it into the news pages of The Bookseller. Adrift has also featured in The Sunday Times and The Guardian this month, and I am extremely happy that the London Review of Books Bookshop has picked it as one of its recent highlights.

February 2016
You can hear me being interviewed about my new book Adrift, A Secret Life of London’s Waterways on BBC Radio London at lunchtime on Monday 22 February and read about it in The Sunday Telegraph on the 28 February. Adrift is published by Icon Books on 3 March.

January 2016
Adrift: A Secret Life of London’s Waterways, the book I spent most of 2015 researching and writing, goes to print this month. Hurray!

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