Helen’s first non-fiction book – My Garden, the City and Me: Rooftop Adventures in the Wilds of London – was published by Timber Press in 2011. It’s about the glory of growing things and urban nature.

Her second – Adrift: A Secret Life of London’s Waterways – was published by Icon Books in spring 2016. It explores the people, politics, history and wildlife of London’s canals and rivers. Blending nature writing, social observation and memoir, Adrift is an intimate and unusual portrait of London, and of life.

Helen’s third book – Sylvan Cities, An urban tree guide – was published by Atlantic in May 2019. It is a potted-journey through our cities’ woody places and a literary hunt for where their wild things are.

She has also contributed essays to books including Vitamin Green (Phaidon), Lost in London (Portico) and London for Londoners (Time Out).


  1. Lilith

    My daughter loved this book that I arranged to have sent to her ..she has been so inspired she is tackling the back garden and has also ordered a copy just for me . Thank you!

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